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I came to the practice of Yoga in 2012 at a time where I was seeking tools to help navigate the often fast flowing waters of life. Asana (posture) practice provided me with a physical space to work through my emotions, whilst being guided by my breath and gaining mental clarity off my mat. Steadily, I began to delve into the teachings, philosophies and practices of this ancient system of liberation and using it as a means to make sense of our inner and outer worlds.

Since then I have cultivated a devoted personal practice whilst living and travelling around the world and have been fortunate enough to have practiced in many beautiful shalas with many spirited teachers. In 2019, I felt called to take my foundational 200hour teacher training with Louisa Sear of Yoga Arts in Bali. After a month of deep work and living Yoga, I returned to the UK and began teaching, eager to share what I had learnt over the years. Following my initial training I have taken further study into Restorative Yoga & Pranayama with Anouk & Emil Wendel, and have delved deeper into traditional Hatha Yoga & Tantra with Carlos Pomeda. Further workshops and immersions with Emma Henry, David Swenson & Phillipa Asher have enriched my knowledge and teaching style.  

My classes range from Vinyasa, to Slow Flow to Restorative, all are infused with philosophy from the heart. I teach Yoga as a tool for self-inquiry, drawing on the beauty of moving meditation and heart-centred philosophy, to enable us to recognise the divine in all beings.

Liddy Scarlet - Yoga Teacher 

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