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Sat, 28 Mar


The Mill Studios Bolton



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Time & Location

28 Mar 2020, 15:00 – 18:00

The Mill Studios Bolton, Unit 24, Halliwell Business Park, Rossini St, Bolton BL1 8DL, UK

About the Event

Yoga Rave 2020 is a chance to recapture that euphoric feeling of club culture mixed with the divine medicine of Yoga. Liam will take you on a Yoga Rave journey, activating the body through dance and mantra and then move into a yoga flow (this flow will be accessible to all levels). By the time you have stretched and shaken your body into an open-hearted state of blissful awareness it's easy to drop the ego and really drop into the true essence of you. Liam will be playing high energy rave banger after banger. So get ready to let loose. The dance will be ecstatic - so basically we want you to shake your booty however your body feels, there is no routine - just be you!  

More importantly, this is a safe space for everyone to have fun..  

Our motto is LET GO & GLOW - so let's do it collectively on that yoga mat dance floor!!   ...................  A heart-opening cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is available for £4 prior to the event - to get you vibrating pure bliss. Cacao enables you to drop into your heart and feel a sense of openness and clarity.  Wear NEON, bright colours to really get into the vibe of the event. We want a creative feel to all our YOGA RAVES and really get into that festival spirit. The vibe will blow the roof off. Literally!!!! 

Liam will also be signing copies of his #1 bestselling book 'DEALER TO HEALER - A Modern Tale of A Fucked Up Male' after the Rave. If you have a copy please bring it along for him to sign. There will be a limited number of copies available to purchase on the day. Or if you wanna learn more about our wonderful teacher's road to Yoga you can get the book on Amazon here- 

More info about Liam can be found at - 

He also has a podcast 'DEALER TO HEALER' with Liam Browne which is available everywhere and can give you a little insight into the man himself and the wonderful people he hangs out with.   

Can't wait to see you all   Blessings,   Liam 


Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!  Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!  Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!  

So this is the basic info we put out about Yoga Rave 2020. 

I was just asked what happens at Yoga Rave 2020 and this is what I wrote so you can add some of this if you like?  

So what happens at Yoga Rave. We Dance, we move, we pray, we sing and we have the most fun possible with our clothes on and not inebriated. We create this loving safe community where people can find that inner power to set themselves free and become their true essence.  

Barriers will be broken down and obstacles will be removed and you will shine forth leaving feeling like the best possible version of yourself. Liam will immediately make you feel at ease with his funny light-hearted nature but you will also know that his strength will support you throughout the practice. Liam creates community and brings people together, you will feel part of something but also feel expressive and creative. He starts with spoken word poetry and whatever yogic insights and funny stories he has. He will then put together some enlightening rave tunes specifically chosen to turn on each chakra and get you moving freely on your mat. He will then instill in you the confidence to sing as a group. Don't worry he will be with you all the way and you will be surprised by your own efforts and willingness to sing loudly.  As a group, the vibrations of the singing will make you feel connected and alive. Tingles around the crown of the head might start to appear and you will feel things you may not have felt before. You will then find a moment of stillness and contentedness will will drop into our breath and then a heavy-duty rave tune will drop and you will feel awakened, alive and ready to jump into the yoga flow which will be fresh, fun and funky. In each posture, Liam will encourage you to allow the music to move parts of your body in that posture, be it little hand slaps to the beat whilst the hand is in the air or swinging the hips to the beat in downward facing dog? It's all up to you, it's all about your freedom of expression. In any of the postures, there is always the option to dance, if you're not feeling a posture dance, if your tired dance if you're really tired lay down on your back and allow the music to pulsate through your whole being. Breath in the amazing energy that is created in the room honestly it’s like each breath is filled with pure ecstasy!!!!! 

This isn't trippy dippy yoga spoken in a clam American accent. This isn't weird shit with people wearing white being overly polite to each other This is hardcore Mancunian Rave Yoga!!! It will blow your socks off make your jaw drop and keep you talking about it for months. This is euphoric, this is real shit, this is Yoga Rave 2020. BOOM!!!!!




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