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What do you want from your studio?

At The Mill Studios, we believe that yoga is all about you and our studio aims to create an inclusive community that focuses on your personal path to awaken, nurture and connect to your true self.

We strive to cultivate a community that is supportive, without judgment, where everyone fits and and can realize their full personal potential.

Because we want to continue to provide our students with the classes and guidance they need, we’re asking our community to participate in a short survey that will provide us with valuable insights into what our students want from their practice and from their studio.


Please participate in our survey and give us your feedback regarding the current classes we’re offering and your views on how we can improve .... 

How did you hear about us?
What best describes your attendance at the studio?
What best describes how you pay for your classes?
What is your preferred day to practice at The Mill?
Would you be interested in early morning classes at the studio and if so what time / style?
Would you like to see more beginner class on our schedule?
We are planning to introduce more variety to our schedule. Would any of the following be of interest?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help us improve our services.....

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