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Meet Shelley!

Hi, I'm Shelley and I'm a yoga teacher.

I've been asked to write a blog, and after many attempts I find myself rambling........ The

problem is I'm now a 52 year old woman, who has travelled a long very winding colourful life


I realised through the ups and downs and twists and turns, Yoga has been my constant

companion for the past 25 years plus. It has helped me deal with physical and mental health

issues as well as keeping me grounded, and well alive!!!!!! For eg, currently of menopausal age, the breathing techniques have eased me through my anxiety and protected my physical body from some of the acute changes that can occur. Basically, I believe everyone can benefit from the ancient tradition that is yoga. In my opinion, yoga offers us a guidebook to live a loving, peaceful, healthy existence. I'm not pretending life will become perfect and stress free when you regularly practise, but it will help you manage the bad and appreciate the good. There are so many different aspects to yoga, the postures we practise are just the tip of the iceberg.....

I was introduced to yoga to help me through a bout of depression many years ago, mostly

practising relaxation and breathwork, but the more I researched and practised the stronger my body became and I stopped other training and now only practise yoga. One stop shop!!

I now feel passionately about sharing my knowledge, and introducing as many people to yoga as possible, allowing each individual to then choose their pathway and reap the benefits .......

After recently selling my Yoga Studio - I can now focus on teaching only, my passion.

My current classes ( mostly HOT) are aimed to help the total mind and body in a fun, non

pretentious, informative way, and I'd love to see you on a mat......

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